OC Three PTFE Paste Joint and Thread Sealer

OC Three PTFE Paste Joint and Thread Sealer


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OC® Three – Oxygen Compatible Thread Paste

Joint and Thread Sealer

Solutions for critical and demanding applications where no flammability, compatibility with oxygen and resistance to aggressive chemicals are essential.

OC Three PTFE Paste Joint and Thread Sealer is an oxygen-safe, aqueous-based PTFE formulation. It is a homogeneous white paste that penetrates thread convolutions more effectively, and more safely, than PTFE tape. Tested, approved and certified by NASA (ASTM G72) and The German Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM) for gaseous and liquid oxygen service. OC Three is approved and used by the major industrial gas providers, and it is NSF registered. Use in extreme temperatures (-400º F to +500º F) and as a vacuum grease for mid vacuum specifications to 10-3 Torr or in pressures up to 3500 psi (10,000 psi for fuel systems, 300 psi for natural gas). OC Three is especially capable for sealing oxygen and acetylene cylinder valves. It is compatible with diesel fuel, liquid propane gas, and pure oxygen. OC Three is safe for use with food processing applications. It is easy to apply from its 4 oz. (113.4 gram) squeeze tube with extended nipple and resealing cap. OC Three is a superior PTFE thread sealant paste that contains these optimal properties: Water Soluble – Anti-Galling – Anti-Corrosive – Anti-Seize – Chemically Inert – Non-Toxic – Non-Flammable – Non-Migrating – Odorless.

OC Three is a water based product that is not well suited for wet conditions. For wet conditions or applications involving a solution containing water, we recommend the use of OC FiveOC Seven or OC Nine.

OC® Three is oxygen-safe and compatible with many aggressive chemicals including:
Acetylene; Aluminum chloride; Ammonium nitrate; Ammonium percholrate; Antimony trichloride; Bromine; Calcium hypochlorite; Carbon dioxide; Chlorosilanes; Chlorosulfonic acid; Chromic acid; Ethylene; Fluorine (gaseous); Helium; Hydrogen; Hydrogen bromide; Hydrogen peroxide (all concentrations); Hydrogen sulfide; Hydriodic acid; Iodine; Muriatic acid; Nitric acid; Nitrogen oxides; Oleum; Oxygen (liquid & gaseous); Phosphoric acid; Potassium perchlorate; Potassium persulfate; Propylene oxide; Silane; Silicone tetrachloride; Sodium hypochlorite; Sodium perchlorate; Sulfur dioxide; Sulfur trioxide; Sulfuric acid; Titanium tetrachloride.

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