OC Five Thread Paste

OC Five Thread Paste


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OC® Five – Oxygen Compatible Thread Paste

Solutions for critical and demanding applications where no flammability, compatibility with oxygen and resistance to aggressive chemicals are essential.

OC Five Thread Paste is a blended, oxygen-safe formulation consisting of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) particles and polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE), producing a superior sealant for threads, O-rings, stop cocks, etc. that is chemically inert and environmentally safe. It has been tested and certified by The German Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM) for gaseous and liquid oxygen service. OC Five Thread Paste is approved and used by the major industrial gas providers, and it is NSF registered.

OC Five Thread Paste can be used as a pipe joint thread sealant in high pressure (up to 10,000 psi) wet or dry conditions where exposure to pure oxygen, harsh chemicals, or corrosive gases is probable. It is a superior pipe joint thread sealant which provides leak tight sealing in a wide range of applications. This off-white homogeneous paste formulation provides unique sealing solutions, and it is thermally stable as its properties remain unaltered over wide temperature ranges – from cryogenic  to +500ºF. It is non-flammable, non-migrating, non-toxic, odorless and waterproof as well as anti-corrosive, anti-galling, anti-seize, and dielectric. Use OC Five Paste for all types of equipment including: medical, welding, waste-water processing, water treatment, cryogenics, offshore rigging, deep diving, high vacuum, chlorine systems, oxygen systems, and nitrous oxide systems.

Cost effective for liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, cryogenic and vacuum applications to prevent and reduce component and equipment failures, maintenance or downtime.

Available in 2 oz. (57 gram) and 16 oz. (454 gram) jars with resealable lid for ease of use and storage. Also in 7 oz. (198 gram) resealable plunger.

OC® Five Thread Paste is oxygen-safe and compatible with many aggressive chemicals including:
Acetylene; Aluminum chloride; Ammonium hydroxide; Ammonium nitrate; Ammonium percholrate; Antimony trichloride; Boron trichloride; Boron trifluoride; Bromine; Bromine trifluoride (gaseous); Calcium hypochlorite; Carbon dioxide; Chlorinated cyanurates; Chlorine; Chlorine dioxide; Chlorine trifluoride (gaseous); Chlorosilanes; Chlorosulfonic acid; Chromic acid; Chromyl nitrate; Ethylene; Ethylene oxide; Fluorine (gaseous); Fuming nitric oxide; Helium; Hydrogen; Hydrogen bromide; Hydrogen fluoride; Hydrogen peroxide (all concentrations); Hydrogen sulfide; Hydriodic acid; Iodine; Muriatic acid; Nitric acid; Nitrogen oxides; Nitrogen trifluoride; Oleum; Oxygen (liquid & gaseous); Ozone; Phosphoric acid; Phosphorous oxychloride; Potassium perchlorate; Potassium persulfate; Propylene oxide; Silane; Silicone tetrachloride; Sodium; Sodium hydroxide (all concentrations); Sodium hypochlorite; Sodium perchlorate; Sulfur dioxide; Sulfur hexafluoride; Sulfur trioxide; Sulfuric acid; Thionyl chloride; Titanium tetrachloride; Uranium hexafluoride.


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