MPT ZDDP Zinc Additive

MPT ZDDP Zinc Additive


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MPT ZDDP Zinc Additive reduces wear in camshafts and lifters in high-performance engines. The use of ZDDP (Zinc Dialky Dithophosphate), however, shortens the life of a street vehicle’s emissions system. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has mandated that the zinc level in motor oil be reduced to near zero, due to the harmful effects on catalytic converters and emissions systems. American Petroleum Institute (API) approved motor oils now currently contain less than one tenth of a percent of ZDDP – a mere fraction of what was previously allowed.

Without ZDDP, modern day performance engines, as well as older engines with flat tappet valves, can experience premature wear, higher operating temperatures and premature engine failure because there is nothing to coat moving engine parts and prevent metal-to-metal contact. By adding one 4 ounce bottle of MPT ZDDP Zinc Additive to 4 or 5 quarts of motor oil in your performance, off-road or industrial engine, you can increase ZDDP levels to approximately 1000-1100 ppm, or American Petroleum Institute (API) SF levels.

Additionally, manual transmissions and gearboxes where the manufacturer specifies the use of motor oil for lubrication would benefit greatly with the addition of MPT ZDDP Zinc Additive.

NOTE: This product is designed for industrial, off-road and racing applications only. It is not intended for use in passenger cars.

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