MPT Twelve Lubricant & Penetrant, Pump Spray Formula

MPT Twelve Lubricant & Penetrant, Pump Spray Formula


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MPT® Twelve
Pump Spray Formula
Multi-Purpose Molybdenum/PTFE
Lubricant and Penetrant

Cleans and protects • Penetrating formula with rust inhibitors • Stops binding, sticking and squeaking • Environmentally-friendly pump spray bottle

Use MPT Twelve Pump Spray Formula for larger area applications where precision delivery is not required. MPT Twelve is compatible with oils and greases and can be applied to roller guides, sliding door tracks, cogs, pulleys, bicycle and motorcycle chains, etc.

Specially formulated for easy dispersal, MPT Twelve Pump Spray Formula is available in a special refillable four ounce pump spray bottle that is convenient and easy to use.

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