MPT Twelve Lubricant & Penetrant, Concentrated Formula

MPT Twelve Lubricant & Penetrant, Concentrated Formula


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MPT® Twelve Concentrated Formula
Multi-Purpose Molybdenum/PTFE Lubricant and Penetrant

Penetrating formula with rust inhibitors • Stops binding, sticking and squeaking • Cleans and protects

Use MPT Twelve Concentrated Formula in critical applications where service failures are not acceptable. MPT Twelve Concentrated Formula is compatible with oils and greases, and can be applied to precision bearings; nuts and bolts; indoor and outdoor locks, latches and hinges; power tools; small motors; computers and printers; lawn mower, snowblower, bicycle and motorcycle cables; etc.

MPT Twelve Concentrated Formula is available in a 1/2 ounce oiler with snub nose tip , refillable 1/4 ounce needle tip for precise application in hard to reach areas, and 4 ounce drip/refill bottle.

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