MPT Twelve Lubricant & Penetrant, Aerosol Formula

MPT Twelve Lubricant & Penetrant, Aerosol Formula


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MPT® Twelve
Aerosol Spray Formula
Multi-Purpose Molybdenum/PTFE
Lubricant and Penetrant

Cleans and protects • Penetrating formula with rust inhibitors • Stops binding, sticking and squeaking • Great for hard to reach places

New MPT Twelve Aerosol Spray Formula is designed to be sprayed on large areas or into extremely tight spots where a needle point just will not do the job. Our environmentally friendly aerosol formula (no CFCs) contains a propellant carrier that will evaporate during application to leave behind a concentrated film of long-lasting lubrication. There are many useful everyday applications: try MPT Twelve Aerosol Spray Formula on chains, door tracks, or hinges and locks that cannot be accessed with a needle point..

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