MPT Moly/PTFE Multi-Purpose Grease

MPT Moly/PTFE Multi-Purpose Grease


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Multi-Purpose Grease

A jelled version of our MPT Twelvelubricant which provides superior protection for automotive, industrial, agricultural and household use. MPT Moly/PTFE Multi-Purpose Grease is specially formulated with organic molybdenum and PTFE to provide outstanding, long-lasting protection.

MPT Moly/PTFE Multi-Purpose Grease is compatible with other greases and provides these outstanding properties: NLGI Grade 1 • Extends the Life of Crucial Machine Parts • Lowers Operating Temperatures • Easily Sheared • Excellent High and Low Temperature Applications • Provides Protection Against Rust and Corrosion • Use Where Water or Salt Water Protection is Needed • Compatible with other Greases; No Need to Flush Out Existing Grease

Use MPT Moly/PTFE Multi-Purpose Grease for long-lasting lubrication that will remain stable over a wide range of temperatures. Applications include: fine bearings, servo bearings, gears, locks, steppers, sliding tracks, etc. Packaged in convenient 12 oz. cartridge or 14 oz. jar. Please call for industrial bulk packaging.

Please note: MPT Moly/PTFE Multi-Purpose Grease is a precision low viscosity grease rated as NLGI Grade 1. It is not recommended for most automotive wheel bearings and chassis fittings as these applications normally require a higher viscosity (thicker) grease.

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