MPT Icon Extremely Durable Carbon/PTFE Finish

MPT Icon Extremely Durable Carbon/PTFE Finish


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Experience the ultimate in exterior
non-porous surface protection with…

MPT® Icon™
Extremely Durable
Carbon/PTFE Finish

Effectively acts as a liquid paint protection film with twelve or more applications.


MPT Icon™ Extremely Durable Carbon/PTFE Finish provides the ultimate in exterior protection for any non-porous surface. It effectively acts as a liquid paint protection film after twelve or more applications. The highly concentrated formula bonds with the applied surface at the nanomolecular level to provide extremely durable protection, superior gloss, and a slippery-smooth surface that endures through the harshest weather conditions. Bugs, road tar, grease, and grime can easily be removed from the protected surfaces.

No special tools or skills are required to properly apply and buff MPT Icon. The application instructions are easy to follow and can safely, and effectively, be performed at home. Available in 16 fl. oz. bottle or gallon container.



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