MPT Gear Treatment, Quart

MPT Gear Treatment, Quart


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This unique formula is recommended for use in all manual transmissions, gearboxes, transfer cases or differentials with either synthetic or petroleum based gear oils. It is comprised of true synthetic ester and polyalphaolefin (PAO) base stocks, organic molybdenum, polytetrafluoroethylene, viscosity modifiers, sludge inhibitors, and special rust/corrosion inhibitors that will increase the effectiveness of any gear oil. MPT Gear Treatment clings to internal gearbox parts thus reducing friction and wear. The formula, with regular use, will result in increased gearbox life. Smoother and quieter operation will result in increased efficiency for better fuel mileage, easier shifting, more power and better performance. Use MPT Gear Treatment as a friction modifier/slip additive to prevent gear chatter and provide smooth operation of clutch-type limited-slip differentials. Add only enough to prevent the chatter. Adding too much could make the plates/clutches too slippery. Add MPT Gear Treatment at every oil change. For the initial application, 2-3 ounces per quart of gear oil should be added. Subsequent applications require 1-2 ounces per quart of gear oil. MPT Gear Treatment will not void new car warranties.

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