MPT Full Synthetic High Performance Motorcycle Oil, 10W40

MPT Full Synthetic High Performance Motorcycle Oil, 10W40


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MPT® Full Synthetic High Performance Motorcycle Oil – 10W40

  • Designed for sportbikes and motocross bikes that are four cycle
  • Provides extra protection for extreme temperatures and high revving engines
  • Excellent film strength and viscosity shear protection
  • Provides extra phosphorous and zinc for anti-wear protection
  • Special friction modifiers for superior wet clutch operation
  • The fully synthetic formula, which contains no petroleum base stocks, provides a naturally high detergency with dispersants that safely allows for extended drain intervals
  • Lowest coefficient of friction available
  • High quality polyol ester base stocks and special dispersants provide for extended drain intervals better than other brands
  • Recommended for JASO MA/MA2, API SJ/SG/SH

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