MPT Engine Treatment, Quart

MPT Engine Treatment, Quart


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This unique formula is recommended for use in all four-cycle engines (gasoline and diesel) with either synthetic or petroleum based motor oils. It is comprised of true synthetic ester and polyalphaolefin (PAO) base stocks, organic molybdenum, polytetrafluoroethylene, viscosity modifiers, sludge inhibitors, and special rust/corrosion inhibitors that will increase the effectiveness of any motor oil. MPT Engine Treatment clings to internal engine parts thus reducing friction and wear. The formula, with regular use, will significantly extend engine life. Smoother and quieter operation will result in increased efficiency for better fuel mileage, easier starting, more power and better performance. Use MPT Engine Treatment at every oil change. Add two ounces per quart of motor oil for the initial treatment. Subsequent treatments require a minimum of one ounce per quart of motor oil. MPT Engine Treatment will not void new car warranties. It can be used as a Zinc Dialky Dithophosphate (ZDDP) substitute in API-approved motor oils, providing the long-term protection necessary in pre-1989 cars with non-roller lifters or today’s high performance engines.

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