MPT Argos Durable Carbon/PTFE Guardian Finish

MPT Argos Durable Carbon/PTFE Guardian Finish


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Experience the outstandingly
durable, mirror-like protection of

MPT® Argos™
Durable Carbon/PTFE
Guardian Finish

Manufactured to the highest standard for durability, stone chip resistance, luster, slipperiness, and acid rain protection.

MPT Argos™ Durable Carbon/PTFE Guardian Finish provides an outstandingly durable, slippery smooth finish that will repel dirt, bugs and grime. It will also resist small stone chips after 25 coatings. MPT Argos reduces drag and creates such a slippery smooth surface that it will increase top end speed on race cars, planes and boats. Available in 16 fl. oz. bottle or gallon container.

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