Thirty-K High Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oils

MPT® Thirty-K High Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oils

The Thirty-K Line of full synthetic high performance motors oils are comprised of 100% true synthetic ester and polyalpaolefin (PAO) base stocks with no highly refined petroleum (Group I, II or III) or viscosity modifiers. MPT Thirty-K High Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oils are fortified with the finest additives available including extra zinc and phosphorus for anti-wear, as well as special friction modifiers such as organic molybdenum to ensure longer engine life, reduced heat and friction, and better fuel economy.

MPT Thirty-K Motor Oils have a high Total Base Number (TBN). The TBN indicates the oil or lubricants ability to suspend contaminants that can cause wear and reduce the corrosive effects of acids. MPT’s high TBN, combined with the naturally cleansing poly olester base stocks and proprietary additives, allow MPT Thirty-K Motor Oils to be used for extended drain intervals.

Most synthetic motor oils evaporate and thin under high heat and high shear conditions. This is where the MPT Thirty-K superior base stocks excel. Our technical data sheet charts show how MPT Thirty-K, in this example with 5W30, beats the competition in evaporation loss and high temperature/high shear tests. These tests are true indicators of the ability of a motor oil to reduce heat, friction and wear in high performance engines.

With a naturally high detergency and dispersants, extended drain intervals up to 30,000 miles are possible with MPT Thirty-K Motor Oils. For engines subjected to severe driving conditions such as stop and go driving, frequent short trips, turbo/super chargers, and performance modifications, we recommend no more than 15,000 miles between oil changes. Oil filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Please note: MPT Thirty-K High Performance Motor Full Synthetic Motor Oils are formulated with a blend of ester and polyalphaolefin base stocks to achieve the proper viscosity. No viscosity modifier is added. During storage separation/settlement is expected. Please shake the container well before pouring.

Available in quart bottles,”Six-Pack” cartons of quart bottles, “Twelve-Pack” cartons of quart bottles, gallon bottles and “Four-Pack” cartons of gallon bottles.

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