Ten-K Full Synthetic Motor Oils

MPT® Ten-K Full Synthetic Motor Oils

MPT Ten-K Full Synthetic Motor Oil provides engine cleanliness and wear protection for drain intervals from 7,000–10,000 miles or 6–12 months. Vehicles with motors subjected to severe conditions such as stop and go driving, frequent short trips, turbo/super chargers, high performance modifications or dusty conditions should be changed more frequently. Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for oil and filter changes. MPT Ten-K Full Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated to meet or exceed the requirements of the major car, motorcycle, and marine engine manufacturers.

All MPT Ten-K Full Synthetic High Performance Motor Oils are available in individual quart bottles,”Six-Pack” cartons of quart bottles, “Twelve-Pack” cartons of quart bottles, gallon bottles and “Four-Pack” cartons of gallon bottles.

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