Twelve Lubricant & Penetrant

MPT® Twelve Lubricant & Penetrant

MPT Twelve Lubricant & Penetrant is the longest lasting lubricant and penetrant available based on independent lab test results for friction, wear and evaporation loss. It is ideal for hundreds of uses – around the house, workshop, garage, and even outdoors. Formulated with the finest ester and Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base stocks, organic molybdenum, PTFE and special rust/corrosion inhibitors to provide outstanding protection that reduces friction and wear. MPT Twelve Lubricant & Penetrant contains no harmful solvents. Only a few drops of MPT Twelve are needed to provide long-lasting protection that will not evaporate on door locks and hinges; padlocks; gate locks, latches and hinges; lawn mower and snow blower cable controls and pulleys; bicycle and motorcycle cables and chains; and much more.

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