High Performance Motorcycle Oils

MPT High Performance Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oils are comprised of 100% true synthetic ester and polyalphaolefin base stocks with no highly refined petroleum (Group I, II or III) or viscosity modifiers. Our motorcycle oils are fortified with the finest additives available, including extra zinc and phosphorus for anti-wear, as well as special friction modifiers that will not hamper wet clutch operation, to ensure better performance, smoother operation, longer engine life, and reduced heat and friction.

Additionally, the superior base stocks and additives included in MPT High Performance Motorcycle Oils provide lower evaporation loss, as well as better resistance to thermal breakdown. The result is more consistent oil temperature and pressure readings even under the most difficult operating conditions.
Please note: MPT High Performance Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oils are formulated with a blend of ester and polyalphaolefin base stocks to achieve the proper viscosity. No viscosity modifier is added. During storage separation/settlement is expected. Please shake the container well before pouring.
Available in quart bottles,”Six-Pack” cartons of quart bottles, “Twelve-Pack” cartons of quart bottles, gallon bottles and “Four-Pack” cartons of gallon bottles.

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