Corrosion Inhibitors & Specialty Lubricants/Greases

MPT® Corrosion Inhibitors & Specialty Lubricants/Greases

— MPT Defend Lubricant & Corrosion Inhibitor – Designed to lubricate, coat, and protect metal parts in critical applications from rust and corrosion in all environments
— MPT Silicone/PTFE High Performance Lubricant/Sealant – Provides waterproof, chemical resistant protection over a wide temperature range
— MPT Moly/PTFE Multi-Purpose Grease – Reduces heat and friction in moving parts over a wide temperature range
— MPT Assembly/Spindle Grease – Protection designed for engine assembly and high speed rotating machine parts
— MPT Industrial Lubricant/Additive – Lowers operating temperature by reducing heat and friction while extending equipment life
— MPT Pneumatic Lubricant – A highly concentrated solvent free lubricant for air tools to eliminate wear, rust and corrosion

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