Engine, Gear, Fuel & Radiator Additives

MPT® Engine, Gear, Fuel & Radiator Additives

We manufacture a variety of additives that will increase performance, extend maintenance intervals, and extend equipment life. Whether your objective is to reduce operating temperature, increase performance, increase fuel mileage, clean the fuel system, prevent overheating, prevent metal to metal contact, or easier/smoother manual gear shifting, we have the proper additive for you.

— MPT Engine Treatment: Reduces heat and friction to lower operating temperature, increase fuel mileage, and extend engine life.
— MPT ZDDP Zinc Additive: Prevents metal to metal contact In high performance racing engines and older vehicles with flat tappet cams.
— MPT Gear Treatment: Reduces friction and operating temperature which allows for smoother easier shifting in manual transmissions and gear boxes.
— MPT Fuel System Cleanse: Safely and effectively cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system
— MPT Diesel Fuel Conditioner: Increases Cetane numbers, stabilizes fuel, lubricates the fuel system, and reduces wear.
— MPT Cooler Cooling System Additive: Prevents overheating and reduces operating temperature in radiator cooling systems.

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