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This page is dedicated to information to help you with application, use, procedures and techniques to ensure a proper and safe oxygen compatible joint and thread seal, using our OC® Three, OC® Five, OC® Seven and OC® Nine lubricant/paste/sealant products.
  • OC Three is an aqueous built formulation. Do not store at temperatures below 35º F prior to use. OC Three is not recoverable once frozen.
  • After applying OC Three, freezing temperatures are not a concern.
  • OC Three has a recommended shelf-life of five years. However, once the tube opening has been pierced, OC Three has a recommended shelf-life of one year.
  • OC Five, OC Seven and OC Nine have a recommended shelf-life of five years. However, they can last indefinitely if cared for and stored properly in their original containers. Always reseal container after each use and store properly to avoid contamination.
  • OC Five, OC Seven and OC Nine can get stiff and harder to use in cold climate conditions, but freezing does not alter the properties of these product.
  • Always use a dedicated acid free brush for the procedure. Just wipe around the threads or joints, or in the case of OC Three, you can apply directly using the tube nipple. Put your system into service curing time required.
  • Use OC® Products where Teflon® tape is not preferred or hard to use. They eliminate the problems of tramp fragments of tape with orifices and valves in regulators and metering systems.
  • Teflon® tape is relatively thick and squashes in threads providing a good seal initially. However, Teflon® tape cold flows with time and leaks develop days, weeks or months later. Using sealants such as OC® Three, OC® Five, OC® Seven or OC® Nine in conjunction with Teflon® tape is an accepted and popular practice, that gives the user a very high rate of leak tight seals.
  • For cleaning purposes use a biodegradable, environmental and non-toxic cleaner, such as 4U SAFE INDUSTRIAL SOLVENT.
  • OC® Products are manufactured to the highest standards, as evidenced by The German Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM) certification for gaseous and liquid oxygen service.

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