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MPT® Condition
With Mink Oil

Special formula conditions and protects leather, vinyl, rubber and finished wood against harmful UV rays.

Use MPT® Condition on all leather, rubber, and vinyl surfaces to prevent drying, cracking and ultraviolet damage. It softens, conditions, adds luster and life to dull or dry surfaces. MPT Condition provides long-lasting protection that will last a minimum of 3-6 months. Available in 16 fl. oz. bottle or gallon container.

MPT-157 - MPT® Condition with Mink Oil, 16 fl. oz. bottle - $14.95 ea.
MPT-157D - "Three Pack" MPT® Condition with Mink Oil - $40.37 for three
MPT-158 - MPT® Condition with Mink Oil, gallon container- $99.95 each

MPT-320 - 100% Cotton Terry Applicator Pad - $1.95 each
MPT-320D - "Three Pack" of 100% Cotton Terry Applicator Pads - $5.27 for three

MPT-321 - 100% Cotton Terry Buffing Towel - $1.95 each
MPT-321D - "Three Pack" of 100% Cotton Terry Buffing Towels - $5.27 for three

MPT-322 - Micro Fiber Cloth, 15” x 15” - $3.95 each
MPT-322D - "Three Pack" of Micro Fiber Cloth, 15” x 15” - $10.67 for three

Application Instructions: Shake well before using. Use MPT Cleanse to clean and condition soiled or dry surfaces prior to application of MPT Condition. Apply MPT Condition to a clean cloth and wipe over a cool surface in a shaded area. Buff the surface with a soft cloth. Reapply as needed for additional protection and gloss. Wait several hours or more between applications.

Click here for MPT® Condition with Mink Oil MSDS information.

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