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MPT® Full Synthetic High Performance Motor Oils

What are petroleum based motor oils?

Petroleum based motor oils are manufactured from crude oil which is pumped out of the ground. These motor oils are refined utilizing different methods to achieve varying quality levels of petroleum basestocks. The American Petroleum Institute (API) breaks all motor oils down into five classifications, the first three of which are petroleum based. Petroleum basestocks in Groups I and II make use of refining methods which do not thoroughly remove the aromatic contaminants and waxes that exist in the crude oil. Some of the more premium brands of petroleum oils  are refined utilizing a more sophisticated method known as hydrotreating.   Hydrotreating involves high heat and pressure to remove as much as 99% of the aromatic contaminants contained in the crude oil.  Additionally, to further enhance the refining process and make the hydrocarbon molecules more uniform, a process known as hydrocracking is utilized to change the molecular structure of the petroleum basestocks to make them more stable.  Petroleum motor oil basestocks that are refined utilizing the hydrocracking process are classified as Group III motor oils.

What are synthetic motor oils?

The term synthetic motor oil means different things to different groups of people depending on how the word synthetic is defined. As mentioned above, Group III petroleum based motor oils are very highly refined to the point that the molecular structure has been altered to mimic that of a true synthetic.  These motor oils are often legally marketed and sold as full 100% synthetic motor oils in the U.S. because their performance characteristics are much better than those in Groups I and II. However, it is important to note that these same motor oils are not legally permitted for sale as full synthetic in Germany or Japan.  So, you must wonder, why not? Because true synthetic basestocks, which are classified as API Groups IV and V, contain no petroleum basestocks and surpass the performance characteristics of even the most highly refined petroleum basestocks.  Please see the information below:

Group IV basestocks – Polyalphaolefins, also known as synthesized hydrocarbons, offer very low pour points, excellent thermal stability, and great hydrolytic stability (do not easily absorb water and when they do, easily will release it).

Group V basestocks --  The most dominant basestock type is this group is ester which consists of polyolester and diester.  Polyolester and diester basestocks are often blended to take advantage of the various strengths of each.  Ester based lubricants have a natural ability to clean. They also have very low pour points and a tremendous ability to dissipate heat in high heat applications (ester based lubricants are used in jet plane engines).

Why are MPT Thirty-K Full Synthetic High Performance Motor Oils better than other synthetics? 

MPT Thirty-K Full Synthetic High Performance Motor Oils are manufactured with ester and polyalphaolefin basestocks only. No Group I, II, or III basestocks are added. Additionally, we use no viscosity modifiers that can prematurely breakdown. 

We spent years developing MPT Thirty-K Full Synthetic High Performance Motor Oils.  Each bottle consists of a superior blend of synthetic ester and polyalphaolefin basestocks combined with a proprietary friction reducing/metal protecting additive package that includes robust levels of zinc, phosphorous and molybdenum. The result is an extreme metal protecting lubricant with life up to 30,000 miles or one year between changes.  Motors subjected to high performance driving, towing, stop and go driving, excessive idling, turbo chargers, etc. should change the oil before 15,000-20,000 miles or one year.

MPT Thirty-K results in much lower friction (which can actually be apples to apples demonstrated between regular oil, other synthetic oils and MPT’s  at engine idle speed—less friction higher RPMs). Less friction results in better mileage, reduced engine wear and more power. Combine these benefits with a high-detergent value (cleansing polyolester basestocks with a Total Base Number (TBN) rate beyond 10), and much longer time between oil changes, and you have an incredibly efficient engine lubricant.


  • Lower coefficient of friction; less friction, increased fuel economy, reduced heat and wear.
  • Superior engineered lubricant metal adhesion for reduced engine wear.
  • Superior high-temperature stability.
  • Extreme life between lubricant changes.
  • Reduced lubricant degradation.
  • Improved oil pump efficiency and lubrication flow from start to run temperatures.
  • Improved metal to metal impact and wear protection.
  • Improved cleansing (a high TBN rate over 10!).

Why shouldn’t I just get an inexpensive oil change and change the oil every 3,000 miles?  Are the benefits that much greater by using MPT Thirty-K?


  • Better fuel economy – immediate measurable savings.
  • Less Heat – If there is a way to measure the oil temperature, there will be a reduced temperature reading. This does not apply to water temperature.
  • Longer Engine Life – Less easy to measure, but reduced heat and friction translate into less metal wear.
  • MPT Thirty-K will not burn like petroleum based oil or most other synthetics. If there is a loss of oil with MPT Thirty-K, it is due to a leak or other mechanical problem.  MPT Thirty-K has a very low evaporation loss (among the lowest in the industry) as confirmed in independent laboratory testing.

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MPT Engine Treatment
MPT® Engine Treatment:

If MPT Engine Treatment is so great, why don’t the engine oil companies add it?  As noted on our ZDDP page (click here), the Environmental Protection Agency has mandated the reduction of zinc in motor oils. American Petroleum Institute (API) approved oils do not have the zinc-phosphorous levels necessary to adequately reduce heat and friction for severe service (e.g. racing, emergency vehicle, or fleet service), older cars with flat tappet valves, or long-term engine use. In short, most engine oil companies will not include additives which will make it more difficult to meet the API standard while incurring additional expense.

Fuel Mileage: Independent tests have shown a fuel mileage increase of more than 5% with MPT Engine Treatment. Your actual results may vary depending on the type of driving and the condition of the car or engine. It can take up to approximately 1,000 miles for MPT Engine Treatment to coat internal engine parts and increase fuel mileage during the initial application.

Better Performance: MPT Engine Treatment will increase fuel mileage, increase performance, and extend engine life by coating internal engine parts for an extremely low surface friction.

New Car Warranty: MPT Engine Treatment will not void your new car warranty. It is perfectly safe for use in all new car and truck (diesel or gasoline) engines. Allow a minimum of 3,000-5,000 miles for break-in before adding MPT Engine Treatment.

Oil Filters: MPT Engine Treatment will not clog oil filters or become trapped anywhere inside the engine. The PTFE particles contained in MPT Engine Treatment are microscopic in size (substantially less than 1 micron which is much smaller than the width of a human hair). Most oil filters are designed to filter particles 10 microns or larger.

Synthetic Oil: MPT Engine Treatment is compatible with all synthetic and petroleum based motor oils.

Adding MPT Engine Treatment: For the initial application, we recommend adding two ounces of MPT Engine Treatment for each quart of motor oil. For subsequent applications, we recommend adding one ounce of MPT Engine Treatment per quart of motor oil.

Older Vehicles: MPT Engine Treatment can be used in older vehicles with high mileage. MPT Engine Treatment helps to fill voids created by normal wear and scaring to reduce surface friction. The result will be reduced oil burning and smoother operation. MPT Engine Treatment will not correct problems with defective seals, rings, valves, etc.

Starting: MPT Engine Treatment will help engines start more easily in warm weather. MPT Engine Treatment helps engines to run cooler and lessens the likelihood of problems associated with hot engine parts when restarting.

In cold weather, MPT Engine Treatment will help start cold engines by increasing the cranking speed. This is especially helpful when batteries weaken in frigid temperatures.

Turbos: Turbo-charged motors run extremely hot. MPT Engine Treatment helps them run cooler.

Oil Change Intervals: We recommend following the manufacturers requirements for oil change service. However, you will find that your oil will be cleaner when using MPT Engine Treatment because of the reduction in friction. Should you question the need to change the oil, there are companies available that will analyze the cleanliness for a small fee.

Motorcycles: MPT Engine Treatment can be added to all four cycle (oil and gas are NOT mixed) engines including those with wet clutches.

Click here for MPT® Engine Treatment MSDS information.

Click here for the MPT® Engine and Gear Treatment Data Sheets

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MPT Gear Treatment
MPT® Gear Treatment:

Better Performance: MPT Gear Treatment will increase performance, increase fuel mileage, and extend the life of all manual transmissions, differentials and transfer cases by coating internal parts for an extremely low surface friction.

Automatic Transmissions: MPT Gear Treatment is too slippery for use in automatic transmissions; therefore, it should not be added.

Manual Transmissions: MPT Gear Treatment will help manual transmissions run cooler and smoother. They will also shift more easily.

Adding MPT Gear Treatment: We recommend adding a minimum of one ounce per quart of oil. More should be added as needed, up to a maximum of six ounces of MPT Gear Treatment per quart of oil.

Differentials and Transfer Cases: MPT Gear Treatment will help all gear boxes to run cooler and smoother. MPT Gear Treatment can be added to differentials with posi-traction clutches.

Click here for MPT® Gear Treatment MSDS information.

Click here for the MPT® Engine and Gear Treatment Data Sheets

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MPT™ Twelve
MPT® Twelve

Applying MPT Twelve: MPT Twelve can be safely applied to door hinges, bearings, roller guides, door tracks, chains, locks, cables, etc. Use it anywhere lubrication is needed.

Deicing: With regular use, MPT Twelve will help locks perform better in freezing temperatures. For new applications, MPT Twelve will disperse ice and free frozen locks.

Motorcycles & Bicycles: MPT Twelve helps motorcycle and bicycle cables work better by allowing them to move more freely. It also provides excellent protection as a chain lube.

Protective Film: MPT Twelve leaves a protective film on applied surfaces to provide the longest lasting protection available from a lubricant or penetrant.

Click here for MPT® Twelve Concentrate MSDS information.

Click here for MPT® Twelve Pump Spray Formula MSDS information.

Click here for the MPT® Twelve Data Sheets.

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